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Welcome to surfacequery.com, the home of SFA - Surface Finishing Abstracts and other resources for all involved with the surface treatment or coating of materials.

Over 130,000 abstracts cover electroplating, electroless plating, pickling, etching, conversion coatings, printed circuit board manufacture, painting, hot-dip galvanising, powder coating as well as the analysis and testing of surfaces or solutions used in surface finishing and much else besides.

Abstracts are mainly drawn from British, US, German, French, Indian, Chinese and Japanese sources, including patents. They go back, in some cases, as far as the early 1800’s and are continuously updated.

Topics include history of the subject, defects and troubleshooting and peripheral subjects. The site is equally suitable for use on a standalone basis or in conjunction with our excellent in-house Library, one of the world’s best specialised Metal Finishing resources.