Welcome to Surface Finishing Abstracts (SFA) at surfacefinishing.com

These Abstracts began in print form, back in 1959 (known then as Metal Finishing Abstracts) - that's how long we've been going. Needless to say, we have a complete set from then to the year 2001 when we switched completely to electronic form. We now have a fully searchable database of some 140,000 abstracts in electronic form. Many of these you won't find in any other on-line database.

A Finisher reports a weird defect and how he fixed it ? We'll report that and if you get the same problem, there'll be no need to rush around - hopefully we'll have the answer right there. Our database is teamed with a real library, one of the best specialised Metal Finishing libraries in the world. No-one else anywhere in the world has this powerful combination of database and books and journals.

Our other side is publishing books on Metal Finishing - finishingpublications.com and though we're a small organisation, we publish more such books in the English language than any other organisation we're aware of. In what is possibly a unique approach, we sell many of our books with a CD-ROM database. So though the book might not be hot off the press, the database brings it right up to date, within a few months!

Patents ? We know out way around pretty well - patent searches, looking for versions of a patent in another language - or digging for "prior art" ? - just ask us!

Last but not least, we're not journalists or editors (unlike most staff working for magazines) - we're trained scientists and technologists. We publish regularly ourselves, in leading journals around the world. We're enthusiasts too. Feel free to contact us to discuss technical issues. If we can make useful comments, we'll gladly do so. If the problem is more demanding, and calls for our time, we might make a modest charge. You want a literature search ? A position paper ? We can do that - and because we have the resources right here, do it more rapidly and cost-effectively.

Wherever you're located, do get in touch - we'll enjoy sharing your problems. Just send an email to office@finpubs.com

Dr Anselm Kuhn