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Electrodeposition mechanism of nickel films on polycrystalline copper from dilute simple sulphate solutions.



A comparison of the characteristics of planar and cylindrical magnetrons operating in pulsed DC and AC modes.


Electrochemical properties of silver-nylon fabrics

Relevancy: Discusses silver ion release for infection control when title textiles are made anodic.

Layers of magnetic alloys produced by impulse plasma deposition.


Measuring Odour Emissions: Part 4


Describes how odour emissions can be "mapped". A circle of radius 600 m is drawn around the emission source and sampling carried out at points defined by a grid mesh superimposed on this circle. An alternative is computer simulation, noting a program AUSTAL 2000 which requires input of prevailing meteorological conditions. Part 5 and last to follow..

On the relation between growth instabilities and internal stress evolution during galvanostatic Ti thin film anodization.



Online electrolyte analysis


Proprietary electrolyte analyser is briefly described noting its benefits when used with long production runs.

The effect of test methods on coating defects.


Scratches in corrosion testing of coatings is discussed, it being noted that the way coatings perform at sites of damage is an important parameter used to assess the quality of the coating, and particularly, the quality of any corrosion control offered by the coating. However, the tools used to produce sample scratches in the coating, and the methods used to produce such scratches may have a significant impact on the behaviour of the coating. Most industry standards, some of which are outlined, do not take into account the effect that test methods and equipment may have on the behaviour of coatings at sites of damage.

Use of Pre-Treatments Based on Doped Silane Solutions for Improved Corrosion Resistance of Galvanised Steel Substrates.


SURF Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of galvanised steel pre-treated with bis-[triethoxysilylpropyl]tetrasulfide silane doped with cerium nitrate or zirconium nitrate, using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, during immersion in NaCl solutions. The chemical composition of the surface was assessed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and the surface morphology was studied by atomic force microscopy. The electrochemical results show that pre-treatments based on doped silane solutions provide good corrosion protection of the galvanised steel substrates. Discusses the role of the dopants on the protective properties of the silane coatings formed on galvanised steel substrates.