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3rd Int'l Conf. on hard & decorative chromium plating


Report on title event at St Etienne where lectures incl. industrial applications, recycling, adhesion, corrosion resistance, trivalent electrolytes and alternatives to Cr.

3rd Rahn Meeting of Solder Experts


Report on meeting at which experts on soldering exchange ideas & information.Topics included reflow soldering, use of conductive adhesives instead of solder.

3rd Woerlitz Workshop on functional coatings - organic coatings for electronic & optical applications


Extended review of meeting. Integrated plastic circuits fort low-cost electronic applications; opportunities in mass-production of low-cost electronic assemblies; organic electroluminescent displays (OLED); OOVPD & use of optical spectroscopy for growth monitoring; high-efficiency LED's; vertical in-line deposition of organic coatings on large surface areas; polytronik- new generation polymers; dye data storage layers for DVD-R; polyaniline, electrically conductive polymer or organic metal for OLED. Electrically conductive transparent electrodes for OLED. Spectroscopic meas'ts on ultrathin organic films; Organic low-k materials for microelectronics. Polymer based waveguides in integrated optics.