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4th International Mini-Symposium on Diamond Electrochemistry and Related Topics (Tokyo, Japan, May 31-June 1, 2000)


RUS Abstract avail. online. (R)

4th IUMPS International Conference Chiba, Japan, Sept. 16-18. 1997


Includes Plenary Talk; and papers on: Advanced in implantation processes for ULSI; Ion and plasma processes; Laser processes; Non-equilibrium processes; Material synthesis, modification and film formation.

4th Leipzig Professional Seminar


Report on DGO multi-branch meeting where topics include biology in electroplating (effluent treatment, solid waste), microbiological problems in ion-exchange plants. Use of naturally occurring products such as rapeseed oil or rapeseed ester in cleaning processes, offers advantages which were listed. Use of adsorbing polymers to remove organics from plating baths and assist recycling, was noted. Hydrogen embrittlement in zinc plating was seen to be an avoidable problem. Developments in filtration were reviewed and comments were offered on new ideas in pumps and pumping.

4th Leybold Symposium on Decorative Hard Coatings - Report


Report on symposium with summary of lectures on corr'n of hard coatings & test methods; new trends in decorative coatings, metallizing of plastics, physical aspects of sputtering, colorimetry & ellipsometry of PVD coatings; & use of PVD coatings over stainless steel by the Parker Pen Co.

4th Plasma Technology workshop


Report on meeting at TA Ilmenau, Germany where topics summarised include heat transfer in thermal plasmas, developments in jet nozzle design for atmospheric plasma spray, plasma coated composite dental implants, optimising surface structure of cement-free endoprosthesis implants; use of modern information systems with coating of screw rotors as example; short-term plasma evaporation to form superconductors of YBCO type; manufacture & use of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating; manufacture of highly dispersed ceramic powders in high-energy flames; plasmachemical destruction of greenhouse gases such as methane or carbon dioxide in silent discharge unit; recycling and inerting of exhaust dust by plasma melt reduction and uses of plasma in high temperature calorimetry and enthalpy meas't.