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5th EITI Seminar - Alternative manufacturing processes for printed circuit board production.


EITI (European Interconnect Technology Initiative) event in Stuttgart, where themes incl. printing processes, dry film processes, smart cards, PECVD (plasma enhanced CVD) for HDI pcb manufacture; new dielectrics for microvia technology & presentation of EITI design award..

5th European Vacuum Coaters Ass'n Meeting


Sessions on optical coatings, understanding electric fields, optical filters for earth observation, technologies for large area optical coating dep'n; anti-reflection of acrylic by LP plasma, pulsed ion dep'n for fluoride coatings, plasmon boosted absorption in interference coatings, optical coatings from sputtering of tantalum oxide-ceramic target. Characterisation of thin films. Coating processes. Tribological coatings, surface analysis & depth profiling, abrasive wear resistance evaluation using crater-grinder method. Transparent protective coatings on plastics. Low temp. sputtered PVD hard coatings (titanium nitride, TiAlN). Applications of thin films. Shape memory alloys, colour rendering in art conservation coated glass. Biological effects of titanium carbide coating. Coatings to enhance life of short arc lamps. Anti-block particles on oxygen transmission rates of silicon oxide barrier coatings.

5th Int'l Conference on Plasma Surfacing technology. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Sept. 1996


Report covers plasma treatment & coating. Table lists problems and solutions such as internal coating of glass with titanium nitride, increasing thermal stability of Ti nitride; modification of textile fibres; coating of press tools, moulds, forms, dies for stamping etc, piston rods for oil pumps.

5th Sheffield ABS Meeting


Meeting on vacuum coating methods, mainly ABS (arc bonded sputtering) PVD, CVD incl. chromium nitride, molybdenum disulphide, multilayer coatings (superlattices), nanostructured layers. Use of additives such as rare earth or chromium increase deposition temperatures from 700 to 950°C.

5th William Blum Lecture. Pitting of Decorative Nickel Chromium Coatings


The theory & practice of pitting in Ni & title systems is reviewed with sketches showing galvanic couples and polarisation plots for the anodic & cathodic components. Pitting of stainless steel, the polarisation of Cr and its porosity are all discussed. Corr'n potentials of Ni and Cr in CASS sol'ns are shown. 33 refs.