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Junction formation studies of one-step electrodeposited CuInSe2 on cadmium sulphide


JES CuIn diselenide (CIS) is electrodeposited in single step on chemical bath deposited CdS to form superstrate cell structure. Influence of electrodeposition potential on junction formation is studied. Secondary ion mass spectroscopy depth profiling shows that Cd and S diffusion from CdS layer into CIS layer is small up to annealing temps. of 320°C. Diffusion process related to composition of CIS film, in turn determined by electrodeposition potential. Interdiffusion is hindered in In-rich CIS films. Preliminary CIS superstrate cell characteristic is presented yielding efficiency of 1.5%.

Just what colour is that automobile


Colour-shifting pigments which take on completely different hue when angle at which they are viewed, or angle of incident light is altered, are discussed, considering mechanism of action, properties and use for motor vehicles. They have opaque reflector layer, covered on both sides by glass- like dielectric layer, which, in turn, is covered by semi-transparent absorber layer.

Justifying Better Metal Finishing Equipment


Capital costs, labour charges and other items are analysed to show that more expensive equipment may be beneficial. 10 refs.

Justus von Liebig


Famous German chemist (1803-1873) and his achievements are briefly outlined, mentions his invention of the chemical silvering process where a sugar solution is used to reduce silver nitrate to deposit a silver mirror on the wall of the reaction vessel used

JZ-04 High Performance Alkaline Cyanide-Free Zinc Plating.